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Revamp In Progress!

I can rebuild it. I have the technology. I have the capability to make the world's first bionic web site. Game Buzz will be that web site. Better than it was before. Better... stronger... faster. Okay, so I don't really know how to make Game Buzz "bionic", but I have already been working to make it better, stronger, and faster.

I am working on two new news systems. Once one of them is complete, new content should be posted more frequently.

Please feel free to let me know if you encounter any problems or peculiarities with either the page layout or the news reader software. You may use the following e-mail address, but please do not redistribute it or use it for spam:

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Most of the old content has been removed, but who cares about old content? ;)

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Xbox 360 Released; Price Gouging Continues

Site Status — October, 2007

I have been keeping busy with both work and my university studies, but changes are afoot and I hope to soon begin posting new articles and other content to Game Buzz regularly.

Thank you for visiting!

2008-11-30 "Left 4 Dead" First Impressions
2007-10-15 "Fighter's Stronghold" Oblivion Expansion Free for a Limited Time
2006-06-11 Nintendo DS Arrives, Complete with Price-Gouging
2005-11-22 Xbox 360 Released; Price Gouging Continues Camera Icon
2005-09-16 Nintendo Unveils "Revolution" Controller
2005-09-15 "Xbox 360 Launch Dates Announced!"
2005-05-16 Xbox 360 Press Event Coverage
2005-05-16 Hideous PlayStation 3 Controller Revealed. Oh, PlayStation 3 Too.
2005-05-12 Xbox 360 Revealed Camera Icon
2005-05-12 Next Xbox to be Revealed Tonight on MTV
2005-05-09 "Our Colony" Windows-Centric Code Fails in Some Browsers
2005-04-22 The "Our Colony" Plot Thickens
2005-04-22 Is this the first photo of Xbox 360?
2005-03-24 Sony PSP Promotional Images Camera Icon
2005-03-14 A New Legend of Zelda Video from the Game Developers Conference
2005-03-13 Game Buzz Debuts RSS Feeds
2004-09-21 Nintendo DS to be Released in US for $149.99 on November 21st
2004-08-21 André LaMothe's Nurve Networks Announces XGameStation Micro Edition
2004-07-28 Nintendo Announces New Design and Official Name for Nintendo DS Camera Icon
2004-05-14 Sony Unveils PlayStation Portable (PSP) & Drops Price of PS2 Camera Icon
2004-05-14 More Nintendo DS Details
2004-05-11 Nintendo Unveils Nintendo DS, Dual-Screen Portable Game System Camera Icon
2004-05-11 More Phantom Details, Including Technical Specifications & Pricing
2004-05-11 Infinium Labs Unveils Retooled Phantom Game Receiver Camera Icon
2004-03-24 XGameStation BASIC IDE Previewed
2004-03-18 Unreal Tournament 2004 Completed... Again (Mac OS X Version)
2004-03-06 Unreal Tournament 2004 Completed (Windows Version)
2004-02-25 Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo Impressions
2004-02-25 Another Partial Hiatus for Game Buzz
2003-10-29 Game Buzz is back in action!
2003-09-05 A Short, Partial Hiatus for Game Buzz
2003-08-22 Web Server Reconfiguration Completed
2003-08-22 An Impending Web Server Reconfiguration
2003-08-16 Infinium Labs Unveils Phantom Video Game Console Camera Icon
2003-08-16 Will gamers be seeing a Phantom tonight?
2003-08-15 Transcripts of Tonight's Q&A Session With André LaMothe
2003-08-15 A Live Q&A Session With André LaMothe Via IRC
2003-08-15 Another New Video Game Console: The XGameStation!
2003-08-15 Could the Phantom be more than an apparition?
2003-08-15 Summer Break = More News!
2003-05-30 "Testing. Testing. 1 2 3. Testing. Testing..."
2003-04-17 A Few More Interesting Links
2003-04-17 A Few Interesting Links
2003-03-31 Save Handling Bug Enables GNU/Linux on Xbox
2003-03-29 News, News, & More News... Via Links
2003-02-25 "The Ur-Quan Masters" Alpha v0.2 Released
2003-02-05 Ahem... The News... Soon!
2003-01-24 More News This Weekend
2003-01-07 Nintendo Announces Redesigned Game Boy Advance With Illuminated Screen
2002-12-19 Star Control II is being ported back from 3DO!
2002-11-08 Sony Stomping Sega & Microsoft (Literally)
2002-10-15 If I didn't already have an Xbox...
2002-08-09 Bungie Announces Sequel To Halo
2002-07-16 Nvidia Announces nForce2
2002-07-02 Backlighting Kits For Game Boy Advance!
2002-05-23 StarCraft: Speed of Darkness by Tracy Hickman
2002-05-20 Nintendo GameCube Price Cuts & New Games!
2002-05-17 Xbox Memory Unit Price Drop?
2002-05-15 Microsoft Drops Xbox Price to $199.99!
2002-05-14 New PS2 Memory Card & Controller Prices
2002-05-14 Sony Drops PS2 Price To $199.99!
2002-05-10 Seamus Blackley's New Venture
2002-03-07 c|net: "Microsoft addresses Japan Xbox gripes"
2002-03-07 c|net: "PlayStation 2 getting online options"
2002-02-15 Georgia Moves To Enforce Backward-Thinking Stereotype
2002-01-30 Saaaaaaaaaay...
2002-01-30 Linux is coming to the PlayStation2!
2002-01-22 Genma Onimusha For Xbox
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