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I can rebuild it. I have the technology. I have the capability to make the world's first bionic web site. Game Buzz will be that web site. Better than it was before. Better... stronger... faster. Okay, so I don't really know how to make Game Buzz "bionic", but I have already been working to make it better, stronger, and faster.

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Most of the old content has been removed, but who cares about old content? ;)

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Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo Impressions

In case you somehow missed it, the Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo is now available. Download links can be found in the downloads section of the official Unreal Tournament Web site:

My favorite game mode so far is "Onslaught", a team game that requires players to establish power nodes linked to power cores in their team bases. When a team establishes a power node, vehicles spawn nearby for the team that controls that node (opposing players cannot take them unless players on the controlling team have already used and abandoned them) and the controlling team also gains access to any nearby defense turret (opposing players can never use these). Opposing players can destroy power nodes then rebuild them for their own team and power nodes that are cut off from the controlling team's power core gradually lose power until they revert to being unclaimed, so it is critical to maintain the links between nodes. Players must defend all nodes while also aggressively establishing new ones. When a team links power nodes all the way from its power core to the opposing team's power core, the opposing team's power core becomes vulnerable to attack and unlike power nodes, power cores cannot be repaired or rebuilt. Whichever team destroys the other team's power core wins the game.

With expansive levels, team bases full of offensive and defensive resources, lots of vehicles and defense turrets, and entirely new game objectives, Onslaught is the biggest thing to happen to Unreal Tournament since the deathmatch mode of the original Unreal grew beyond the confines of that game and the first Unreal Tournament was released as a full game in its own right. Onslaught breathes new life into Unreal Tournament and for some players, this one mode alone will justify the price of the entire new game. I must have this game!

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