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André LaMothe's Nurve Networks Announces XGameStation Micro Edition

André LaMothe's Nurve Networks has announced the completion and immediate availability of the XGameStation Micro Edition, the unexpected smaller sibling of the previously announced XGameStation—now to be called the XGameStation Mega Edition. The scaled-down XGS, which seems to have dropped out of the clear blue summer sky and taken most XGS-watchers by surprise, uses one main processor—an 80MHz Ubicom SX52 "Super-PIC"—instead of the three processors that are planned for its more complex sibling.

Reactions in the official XGameStation forums have been mixed. While many people are excited that an XGS is now finished and available for ordering, some are disappointed that the XGS they have been expecting remains unavailable for now.

The XGameStation Micro Edition is available for immediate ordering from the official XGameStation Web site for US$199.95, not including California sales tax, if applicable, and shipping fees, which vary. Domestic orders will ship via UPS while international orders will ship via USPS Global Airmail Parcel Post to keep shipping costs down. Shipments are expected to go out in 6 to 8 weeks (slightly not immediately, I know).

Full details about the XGameStation Micro Edition are available straight from the source:

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